Jeremy joined Richard Irons and the Alexander Knight House Team to apply the daub to the chimney for this 1657 re-creation at the Ipswich Museum.

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Historic Restoration and Reproduction

Jeremy R. Brown has had the unique opportunity of working under the experienced and knowledgeable Richard Irons in the field of Historic Restoration Masonry. This experience has given him skill and knowledge about repairing and restoring antique fireplaces and chimneys as he worked on many significant old houses on the North Shore. Exposure to classical techniques and methods has supplied Jeremy with expertise he applies to all of his projects. Hillcrest Masonry offers the following services:

  • Initial investigation and inspection
  • Findings, assessments and recommendations
  • Functional re-construction and re-activation of traditional fireplaces and ovens
  • Matching materials with the correct bricks, mortar and stone
  • Re-configuring to comply with code and safety issues

    Jeremy will work with you to find solutions for your historic house masonry requirements. More